Volunteer Work


In Nea Thalpi we embrace and encourage volunteer work. We believe that voluntary work at any age contributes significantly to the social, psychological and spiritual development of the individual. This opening to the world, the overcoming personal needs and the obvious universal interest for people beyond the immediate family and social environment are an evolutionary stage of human life, which entails many personal benefits. The joy and fulfilment of volunteering enrich human personality. The volunteer with his knowledge, experience and actions is consciously involved in the formation of social structures which affect the life of others.

At Nea Thalpi we have created a small group of volunteers of all ages engaged in our field. Contact with the elderly, who are a vulnerable part of our society, is both emotional and exciting. Pity must not be what motivates our action. If we feel sorry for someone, we cannot help him/her evolve in order to face any situation he/she experiences. We must take into consideration the skills that a person still has and we must strengthen them in every way, thus offering ways to stay busy so they forget their problems. Often, it is enough if we are just there for a person, keeping him /her company.

At the Nea Thalpi there are operating rules that our volunteer friends have to follow in order to offer their valuable work and contribute to the quality of life of our guests smoothly and with no problems. Each of our volunteers offers, depending on the skills, whatever they can ... We acknowledge the potential that lies within you...

If you would like to become a member of the Nea Thalpi family of volunteers offering your time, enthusiasm, imagination and desire, please contact us. We promise you endless moments of joy, creativity, laughter and gratitude that you will experience from your fellow men...

The words of a young volunteer are the best evidence for each of us:

«Here, seniors make so many wishes of seniors that even if half of them came true, the world would be a better place! ... They rejoice in such simple things. Only because they see me!»

Let us all consider...

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