Violets and Hyacinths

Nea Thalpi loves theatre so it sponsors it. Especially when the storyline is something which one could relate to!

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In the lounge of an airport and due to the delay of their flight, five older adults indulge in an elaborate journey through memories, which unravels the lives of a whole generation through their work, travels, greatest love affairs and childhood making references to stories from the past, but also references to the time left in the future. “Violets and hyacinths” is an upbeat performance about the beauty of the end and the importance of beginning, about the daily reality of dementia and the need for communication.

A few words about the project

In recent years, through fruitful partnerships and the valuable support of Welfare Organizations, our company has been implementing an entertainment program for people staying in nursing homes.

In 2016, we have begun to undertake on our own initiative a more in-depth research into the stories of the people who are being housed in nursing homes, a valuable source of information about how Greece used to be. We have chosen to preserve this museum of modern history, creating a mosaic of untold stories that lie behind historic events, bringing the testimonies of these people to the theatrical stage, in a tribute to the years that have passed and the simple everyday moments that we so easily tend to forget.

What makes this project so interesting is the fact that the people who shared their stories and thoughts with us suffer of various forms of loss of cognitive functioning, including Alzheimer's disease.

During our show, we take a close look at the stereotypes of ageing in an attempt to fight the shame that goes with it and to raise awareness on degenerative brain diseases, an area where providing correct information is the first step.During our show, we take a close look at the stereotypes of ageing in an attempt to fight shame and to raise awareness on degenerative brain diseases, an area where providing correct information is the first step.

The show has all the fun details and the humour with which the elderly enriched the stories they told us and leaves a taste of fertile reflection and optimism. With the power that theatre has to raise awareness and make an impact in society, our aim is to start a conversation and pave one more path towards social awareness in ageing-associated diseases.

The show is sponsored by a grant from the TIMA (Honor) Charitable Foundation and with the support of the "Aktios" and "Nea Thalpi" model Older Adult Care Centres as well as the the valuable contribution of their Directors, renowned psychologists / geriatricians Dr. Kostis Prouskas and Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros. In addition, the show is sponsored by FIX Hellas , Ainos Winery and the Greek soft drinks and juice company "Lux".
The show "Violets and Hyacinths" will be presented at the "Thission-a theatre dedicated to art", under the management and artistic direction of the "Mythodia" artistic company season 2018-2019, (Nikorestis Haniotakis, Gerasimos Skafidas and Isidora Doropoulou) and Marilena Panagiotopoulou .

Further information about the show

Title:  Violets and hyacinths
(A show of what will never fade away)

Script - Direction: Notis Paraskevopoulos

Genre: Social

Movement director:   Giannis Polyzos

Set design:  Myrsini Maneta

Costume design:   Konstantina Maltezou

Lighting:   Nikos Zairis

Costume Making:   Evangelia Tsiouni

Set construction:  Gerasimos Maltezos

Photography - Video:  George Harisis

Visual Contact:   Nikos Gazetas

Actors:    Giannis Anoussis, Marina Koutroumba, Manos Kostis, Konstantina Maltezou, Petroula Mantzoukidou, Tasos Tziviskos

Venue:    Thission-a theatre dedicated to art – 7, Tournavitou str. Psyrri

Reservations:   210 3255444 & 693 6159929

Advance Ticket Sales:

Premiere:   Friday, September 21 (World Alzheimer’s day) at 20.00

Performances:   From September 24th every Monday & Tuesday at 7pm for 10 shows only.

Duration:   75 minutes

Ticket prices:   General admission:   12€, Students, Multiple Children Families, People with disabilities, People over 65, Unemployed:  10€

Production Management:   seveneleven theatrical company

Communications Manager:   Leda Aslanidou


The show is sponsored by:

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