Video Gallery


TV Shows filmed in our premises and interviews.
This is the Video Gallery that we can share with you!

The first meal for people with Alzheimer’s disease was organized in September 2019 by Nea Thalpi on the opportunity of the World Alzheimer’s Day.

During the Show “Peri Paedias” (About Learning), Dr.  Dimitris Kampanaros was invited to talk about an issue touching both the younger as well as the older audience:   “Children and Senior Citizens”.

Fay Efthymiopoulou, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, who cooperates with the Nea Thalpi “Parkinson’s Disease Clinic” talks about the disease.

The fashion show that broke down stereotypes and redefined aesthetics.

Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros was a guest at the Main News Show of ANT1 TV Channel and talked about the Goldies Event.

A trailer from the “Eleni” TV show concerning the Meet the Goldies Event.

Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros and Internist Dimitris Stergiou, speak about the most frequent form of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros advises parents on what to explain to children when grandpa or grandma has dementia.

Nea Thalpi was the filming location for the episode “Physical Therapist” starring Eleni Rantou.

Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros talks about Gerontology and Old Age

The Nea Thalpi Psychologist, Smaragda Stroumba, advises parents on how to explain the loss of a grandpa or a grandma to their children.

Nea Thalpi represents Senior Citizens at the family-focused event organized by Plan B Trends

As guests at Nea Thalpi the TV presenters remember Greece‘s Heroic Tale of 1940-1941.

Nea Thalpi as a vacation resort for senior citizens.

Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros explains the Nea Thalpi philosophy.

The Christmas episode of the Joy TV show closes with a wonderful Christmas table at Nea Thalpi.

See who we are!

Access to Technology.

A programme inspired by Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros.

With this programme, which is implemented by 50 plus Hellas with Cosmote as the Strategic Partner, more than 14.000 people aged 50+ were trained on how to use new technologies from 2011 to 2018.