The Fuchsia Project: Nurses turned into fashion models!

The nurses at Nea Thalpi, like all nurses, wear white.  Their outfit is not all white, just the top of their uniform.  See, their trousers are as brightly colored as any of them.  Colourful but diverse, although their trousers are fuchsia.

Fuchsia is the colour that inspired us to launch the FUXIA PROJECT.

We asked the nurses at Nea Thalpi to wear their uniform trousers as part of their after-work outfit - as a garment. Here are the results:

Former Fashion Editor Paraskevi Sideri , photographed each nurse dressed in her own style:

POPI: She’s the girl next door.  Her favourite style is definitely sporty chic.  After work, she pairs her uniform trousers with trendy and comfortable sneakers and a white T- shirt ready to go out for small talk with her BFFs.

Styling tip: A fuchsia studded backpack which she knows will totally highlight her casual look.  So it did!

DIMITRA: She’s definitely the biggest cheer of all!  She can work nonstop, but when a first date is arranged after work, she puts on her platforms and a crop top with lace details.  An all-black, flawless and safe look.

Styling tip: The handmade embroidered handbag which her aunt made for her - a fine touch of perfection in this outfit.  Confident, stylish and charming, no man can resist.

GIOTA: She dared to dress in bohemian style, wearing an asymmetrical gray t- shirt, along with hanging accessories in matching colours.

Styling tip: The fuchsia knitted cardigan in different lengths creates an interesting outfit. The whole style is perfect for a drink after work.

ΝΙΝΑ: At work she reads and follows instructions very carefully;  after work, she is an avid reader of fashion magazines.  She thus knows that a transparent airy long blouse with a white top underneath will match her trousers perfectly.

Styling tip: Many accessories.  Long pendants and striking black rings blend perfectly with her black ankle boots.   She looks ready to go to her first summer rock concert.

IOANNA: She proves that if you have style you can have a perfect simple & chic look.  For a social event, she opted for a shirt and heels in pastel shades, combined with an envelope bag and a simple white top underneath.

Styling tip: The fuchsia lipstick on her lips was the perfect detail.  The necessary touch.  We, at least, gave this look an A+ as it is even wedding-appropriate!

The case of the Head Nurse: One of a kind!

MARINA: The head nurse stands out, as she’s the only one in light blue trousers.  She makes sure that everything works smoothly in Nea Thalpi and knows how to keep a balance between nurses.  She also knows how to “balance” her black high-heels, with her black cold shoulder top. The perfect outfit for an evening out and she looks spectacular.

Styling tip: Long black heart shaped earrings.  The touch that made a difference!

The instigator: she is the one who turned even you into models...

For the record, for the sake of appearances and of substance, we must state that the Nea Thalpi nurses only wore their uniform as a garment only for the purpose of being photographed, not in their real life, as this would violate health regulations to which they strictly adhere.

Their work uniform, though fashionable, cannot be used as part of their after work outfit to go for a coffee, a date or in crowded concerts because it is a potential vector for spreading bacteria, to and from the workplace...

Special Thanks to Superb Boutique for its gorgeous jewellery and accessories that highlighted the girls’ outfits.

By Konstantina Tassopoulou

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