TAURUS (any year: 20/4 -20/5)

Do you want to take a closer look at Taurus? (careful - take it slowly...)
Do you want to take a closer look at Taurus? (careful - take it slowly...)

What does a Taurus do when he gets older?  What he has always wanted to do, but circumstances prevented him from doing.  He wears his pyjamas without feeling guilty and can finally enjoy just lazing around.  At last, he can enjoy the comfort, warmth and restfulness offered by his generously sized armchair.  The one in front of the fireplace. He has worked for years and years (and then some), for years giving his all to companies (and then some), for years doing everything asked of him (and then some), for years being squeezed into stiff jackets and leather shoes.

Now it’s time to sit back and relax, and he has found a place to do just that.  He put on a pair of expensive, leather slippers and went to the only place where they can completely understand his supreme need for abundance and luxury.  To a nice, glamorous nursing home.   That’s where he will set down new roots. That’s where he’ll find comfort.  Here.  That’s right.  Where he can get up and go

The arrival of Taurus added another dimension to the Nursing Home, or rather, another sense of time, particularly on the issue of food.  Distances were eliminated and meals were extended.  They all became one. Breakfast, lunch, dinner: to him they are one continual, uninterrupted event.  No one knows, not even the kitchen supervisor, if he is eating a late breakfast or early lunch.  Was he late in finishing lunch, or in a hurry to start dinner? He chews incessantly, from the moment he wakes.  He gets up late. He chews slowly. He chews all the time...

He starts off with a croissant, rich butter on toasted multi-grain bread, raspberry biscuits, exotic fruit jams and a crispy bread roll with ham, Swiss cheese and loose-leaf lettuce. Another baguette, softer but longer, will serve to tide him over until the lunchtime carrot velouté soup and filet mignon with a rosemary sauce.  Then, there is a crème brûlée (not just custard), a conduit linking the previous meal to a light supper, though no one can remember how it began. However, it ends on a dramatic note with a soft-boiled egg, cracked in an expensive, silver eggcup.  Because let’s face it.  It’s not just about eating something exquisite, but eating it with beautifully carved cutlery.  And another thing.  That's his plate, where are you taking it?  You didn’t know it was his?  Well, you should have.  Taurus is overcome with possessiveness and it's better not to fight it because he becomes a raging bull!  That’s his plate, end of story.  You can just get another one because, among other things, he doesn’t like to have his routine upset.  Remember how he sulked when the curtains in his room had to be changed?  He suffers the same way every morning when his bed is made with fresh sheets.  He gets used to one thing, and it's hard to get used to something else. For the moment, he does not plan to get off the sofa.

The lady with the grey hair who has fallen madly in love with him has reconciled herself to the fact that as soon as Taurus retired, he would never venture even as far as the garden.   Let the others get their exercise.  He would stay indoors.  With his films, his big, satisfying tablet, playing video games hour after hour, reading magazines, nibbling his salty peanuts and passing the time.

The lady with the grey hair who has fallen madly in love with him has reconciled herself to the fact, and every afternoon, she goes and sits next to him.  He can hardly get up after so much food. She makes him a cup of coffee and takes it to him.  They sit together on the fluffy pillows, eat rosewater lokum and read the news from the newspaper.  Actually, she holds the newspaper and reads aloud. He listens while chewing on some black Corinthian currants.  The nuts were making too much noise, so he set them aside.  You see?  He made an effort to change his ways. It took him a while to make up his mind, but he did.

In general, Taurus is slow to make decisions.  That’s the main reason he can’t find someone to play chess with.  It’s a shame really, because it’s the only game that suits him: seated and slow.  But his opponent must have stamina because the wait can be long.  Very long.  For 20 minutes, he thinks about where to move the rook, and then he says he needs another minute.  Never mind that climactic of check-mate moment.  Check-mate - such a loaded expression.  If it was Taurus who said it, he gets up and goes off to bed happy.  If he is on the receiving end, the entire nursing home hears about it.  Who can sleep after that?  He can’t stomach losing, just as he can’t stomach all those things he devoured all day.  Now he’ll be tossing and turning in bed.  He’ll get up, he’ll lie back down, he’ll try to get comfortable, but he will not be able to find peace.  Then and then only then, because we didn’t get a chance to say that he is also very affectionate, will he decide to go to the room of the lady with the grey hair who has fallen in love with him.  He will stroke her head, and take her by the hand to that familiar, cosy sofa where they will sit until morning.  Holding a good bottle of wine.   Holding each other.


By Konstantina Tassopoulou

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