WHO is your host


I chose to work with seniors purely thanks to an internal motivation arising from the love I felt for my muse, my grandmother Artemis.

After I completed my Bachelor’s degree at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology (Major in Psychology) in 2001, I continued my studies in the field of Gerontology in Germany at the University of Heidelberg, where I obtained a Master's Degree  (2001-2003) and a PhD (2003-2006 - scholarship from the State of Baden-Württemberg).

In 2002, I received the DAAD award for outstanding international students who combined academic excellence with social engagement. I always intended to dedicate my theoretical knowledge and skills to influence the quality of life of older adults positively.

As a result, I returned to Greece in 2006 and established the New Thalpi Long-Term Care & Rehabilitation Unit in the suburb of Agios Stefanos, Attica. In Nea Thalpi, we implemented, for the first time in Greece, programs of occupational therapy, mental empowerment, and creative activities, as an attempt to raise awareness and try to change the negative stereotype of weakness and incompetence that the public opinion often associates with old age.

Between 2010 and 2014, I held the position of the special advisor to the Mayor of the Municipality of Heliopolis on social welfare. At that time, Greece was experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. At that time, Greece was experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. During this period, we implemented many interventions for socially vulnerable citizens in order to cover their basic needs. Regarding older adults, we focused on the provision of primary health care, equal access to information and communication technologies in order to combat digital illiteracy, and the promotion of intergenerational relations. As a recognition of our efforts, the European Commission awarded the National Award for the European Year 2012 of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations to the Municipality of Heliopolis.

Between 2012 and 2020, I designed conceptually, directed scientifically and implemented, in association with the N.G.O. "50plus" (from 2012 until 2018) and later on with OTEAcademy (from 2019 until 2020), an educational program for older adults interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in the use of digital technologies. More than 20.000 individuals over 60 years old have learned how to use the Internet! This initiative was funded by the biggest telecommunication provider in Greece, COSMOTE (https://www.cosmote.gr/cs/otegroup/gr/technologia_gia_olous.html)  Since 2014 I work as an external advisor to the Charitable Foundation "Tima" that aims to cover the basic needs of older adults in Greece.

Finally, since 2014 I serve as the Treasurer of the Greek Association of Care Units for the Elderly.

Thank you for your trust.

Dr. Dimitris Kampanaros
Psychologist - Gerontologist