SCORPIO (any year: 23/10 – 21/11)

Do you want to take a closer look at Scorpio? (careful - he stings...)
Do you want to take a closer look at Scorpio? (careful - he stings...)

What does a Scorpio do when he gets older? He restores. Not the damage to his knee from when he played basketball. The physiotherapist is taking care of that and he has him starting and stopping every day after breakfast. Upper leg, lower leg. But here we're talking about other types of restorations. Damages done way back when and balances from even further back. Scorpio has buried himself in his big, fat list and is working his way through it. Every day he closes one wound, or scratches another to re-open it. Don't even ask. Revenge is a dish best served after lunch. While everyone at the nursing home is resting. That is when he concentrates and gets things done, because revenge is a dish best served on time. Now. It just needs to go into the microwave for three minutes to thaw.

The officer in charge while he was in the Army in Tripoli, who at the last minute changed his watch so that instead of 12-2, he had to take the 2-4 watch. Well, it's time for him to pay. And his classmate in high school who copied his test in Ancient Greek and they both got a zero - it’s time for him to pay, too.

While we're at it, should the kid sitting next to him in elementary school who took his sharpener without asking go unpunished? They may be bygones, but we never actually let them be bygones. It all comes down to now, right here, dispensing justice. But do you want to know the truth? Say yes, so we can move on. Scorpio isn’t just bent on avenging every wrong (intentional or not) that someone, at some time, somewhere did him. He will make sure to reward every good thing (big or small) that someone, at some time, somewhere did for him as well. He remembers everything and has the energy to act on it all. Both good and bad.

Since the day he moved into the nursing home, the corridors became mysterious, doors were opened onto secretive paths and a strange, wily wind blew through the windows. What’s up with that weird guy who opens the wardrobes so carefully and trusts nothing? Why is he suspicious of everything? Why does he watch his roommate every night? He fake-yawns starting at 7 pm, goes to bed pretending to sleep, but in reality keeps his eyes half open through the sheet to keep tabs on him. He has made little holes in the blanket so he can see when he claims to be cold and pulls it up to his ears. He wants to make sure his roommate is OK. The fact is his roommate is just fine. It’s him we’re worried about. He is fine, too, but he is a Scorpio, so all these strange qualities are actually his good features.

Scorpio is possessed to the bone by an inexplicable and groundless suspicion of everything, a suspicion so intense that the other day he jumped up in terror while sitting on the ledge around the fountain and peeked in to see what everyone was doing indoors. “Someone is watching me,” he reported to the head nurse. “Someone is in the water and looking at me constantly,” he called to the owner, who also jumped up with concern, through the window, to avert any crisis. But would he get there in time? The one who was watching Scorpio with deceitful and underhanded motives was his own reflection in the water. That is the unshakeable truth. He is the greatest danger to himself, along with his self-destructive tendency. Can anyone save him from that? Only his own will, which admittedly is very strong.

He bought a tablet and downloaded a bunch of games and is now enjoying himself. Getting killed and being reborn. Losing lives and winning them back. Losing and being happy. Only in those games can he lose and be joyful about it. In there, where his loss is unseen. Otherwise, out there, he pretends to be a winner, no matter what the game.

He plays to the end, with a plan and with passion, until he invariably achieves victory. The backgammon tournament begins at a regular time every afternoon. But when does it end? It’s up to Scorpio. There is not a chance he will get up from his chair if he doesn’t win at least one round. There is not a chance anyone at all will get up from their chair if he doesn’t win at least one round. A beaten Scorpio will never go to bed. And if he does, he can’t sleep. And if does fall asleep, he can’t rest.

How can he? He has been wrestling with the fluffy pillows and tussling his sheets and the deepest reaches of his mysterious soul for four weeks now. He wants that lady who sleeps on top of him. Who sleeps in the room on top of his, we mean, since there is a ceiling in between. It drives him crazy that she changes the colour of her hair every month. He wants her and he is burning up. He is in love. He is tormented. He is suffering. He is impassioned. He is tempestuous. He dies. And just like that, he is reborn. If he wins her - fine, she will be his to enjoy, to be jealous over. If he doesn’t, she will not be his, he will not enjoy her, but he will be jealous and will add her to that well-known, fat list of restorations to be made (see 1st and 2nd paragraph of this text).

By Konstantina Tassopoulou

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