SAGITTARIUS (any year: 22/11 – 21/12)

Do you want to take a closer look at Sagittarius? (careful - he's armed with a bow and arrow...)
Do you want to take a closer look at Sagittarius? (careful - he's armed with a bow and arrow...)

What does a Sagittarius do when he gets older? He makes changes. Not internally - externally. He changes everything except himself, because people don’t change, do they. Only if he wants to, but what would that poor Sagittarius change, when his entire life has been marked by constant change and adventure. The unfortunate fellow got bored very easily, which is what he feared most. Being bored. But over the last three months, he doesn’t seem to be bored. He has settled into a nursing home and carries on as usual right there. Out of control. He has a slight instability issue that troubles him, but he is used to it. To be honest, he has always had it. In his views, at least.

Sagittarius has been a breath of fresh air here at the already breezy, countryside nursing home. In the morning, he comes downstairs by sliding down the bannister, and if he does get on the lift, he presses the emergency button on purpose just to see the owner rush around in a panic.

To see the danger, to feel the action. Then he laughs heartily, like a neighing runaway horse, until his dentures fall to the marble floor. That’s when the head nurse runs his way and let's him know what true danger is. With her own neighing.

Sagittarius goes out into the garden quite often. He throws his walking stick in the air, like a spear, and enjoys watching it fall to earth. In between, he does some stretches and exercises. He has never stopped being sporty. In his track suit and his cap, which he might throw at any time just to be silly. It’s always time for playing around, don’t you know that?

When nobody's looking, he tosses effervescent medication into the fish tank so the fish can hallucinate. When he’s feeling in a rut, he chucks his mobile phone into the fountain so they’ll finally have to get him a new one. One of those with the strange screen that you have to stroke to make it do things, the one without buttons. That's what he wants. So he can chat all day with his army buddies in this Facebook group they have and recall the times they kept watch.

At lunchtime, he drops the soft part of the bread into his soup from a height to splash his neighbour's glasses. When the nurse tries to take his blood pressure, he makes jokes to distract her. And when people least expect it, he gets philosophical, just because he feels like it. That’s what he's used to. Even the official astrology literature has him down as a philosophical zodiac sign. It’s true. Don’t be fooled because he skates around on the wooden floor in his socks. That's philosophical, isn’t it? Sliding through life with joy? He is an expert at it. He removes his cotton slippers, throws them up in the air and begins to swing dance. Just be sure not to dance within three feet of him because he is likely to step on all your toes. He basically has two left feet.

Sagittarius spends his entire pension buying sweets and soda for his friends. He also throws out ideas for things to bet on, just to pass the time. Will the nurse slip on the wet tiles? Will the new guy break off a tooth when he bites into the hard rusk he sneaked into his pudding? Will the old woman opposite get annoyed when she discovers that he is gradually unravelling her knitting?

Sagittarius casts secret glances towards the white-haired lady in the room next door. He also keeps an eye on the grey-haired lady in the room opposite, because he is thinking he might take up with her after the next-door white-haired woman that he is sure to get bored with eventually. He throws paper airplanes at the elderly ladies embroidering. He throws some at the gentlemen trying to calmly play a game of chess.

Sagittarius is constantly on the move. He never stands still. He doesn’t get old. He doesn’t stagnate. Even though he sits in the rocking chair for hours. He is always on the move. And if not he himself, then his bow and arrow. He leaves behind time and moves forward with optimism. There is hope. There is sky, and air, and breath. And there is a special offer on a laptop with a five-year warranty and option to upgrade in six years. No question that he will be around in six years. He has the breeze in his head, a target in his heart and a pulse in his wrists. He holds the fruit of a lifetime in the palm of his hand. Memories that never let him wither away, even now that he is full of wrinkles.


By  Konstantina Tassopoulou

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