Recovery & Osteoporosis


«Osteoporosis is considered the most silent, insidious disease that gives no warning, but is usually manifested suddenly after a fall resulting in a fracture»

Maimie Tsekoura - President of the "Butterfly" Bone Health Society.

At Nea Thalpi we offer specialized postoperative care and recovery in a protected, home-like and NOT a hospital environment for all persons over the age of 50 in the North and East suburbs of Athens.

Our cooperation with the "Butterfly" Bone Health Society which won international awards in 2007 and 2013 and is based at KAT Hospital in Maroussi, allows us to have access to the most authoritative scientific information and the latest treatment protocols (

Falls after the age of 50 and particularly in the third and fourth age are very common and affect an important part of the population, from an epidemiology point of view.

Available statistics do not accurately reflect reality, since seniors often refuse or ignore the event of the fall, so as not to jeopardize his/her family and social environment, the ability to live independently and self determine his/her life. Thus only a limited number of falls is known. However it is estimated that 30% of people over the age of 65 are facing the possibility of at least one fall per year, while 50% of people over 80 years fall at least once a year. Also falls are twice as frequent in women than in men

The implications of the above phenomenon are dramatic and threatening in terms of homeostasis, functionality and even the very life of a person. Mortality due to falls increases dramatically with time. Forty seven (47%) of older people who visit the hospital after falling require hospitalization and can eventually die in their effort to address their health complications (e.g., pulmonary embolism, blood clots, bed sores). Also, a fall has a psychological cost for the elderly.

Thirty percent (30%) of elderly people who fall develop phobia towards falls (fear of falling) and thus minimize their physical activity, become isolated, do not leave their house, do not go out of their room. They also form a distorted picture of their abilities, which they underestimate, since they perceive their fall as a personal failure (self-efficacy). Therefore, they run the risk of complete immobility, muscle atrophy, musculoskeletal deformities, malnutrition which can ultimately lead again to a fall.

At the "Nea Thalpi Care & Recovery Centre" we aim not only to functional Recovery, but to regain the confidence of people.