Palliative Care for Cancer & Chronically ill Patients


Frequently, within our family, we face severe conditions that overwhelm us. They are borderline conditions and test both us and the ones who suffer. Overcoming such a situation, which can occur unexpectedly, without time to prepare, requires composure, perseverance, loyalty, but mainly help and support from others.

Why me? Why my father? Questions usually go unanswered. The acceptance of the new situation as an objective reality, the reconciliation with weakness, incapacity, chronic pain and dependence on other persons require a reinforcing and supportive environment with understanding, tolerance, empathy and acceptance. The relief of people suffering from severe pain and the respect to the integrity of his/her personality are essential elements that facilitate adaptation.

Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life of patients and their families in the context of a serious disease, which is achieved through early diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of symptoms of illness and of the associated pain. This approach requires a holistic perception of the individual (active total care) and focuses on different physical, cognitive, psychosocial and spiritual-religious needs. The focus of care is not the disease itself, but the mobilization of the individual's strength in order to maintain and improve his/her quality of life by adequately addressing the fact of his/her vulterability. A key aspect of palliative care is pain relief.

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