MEET THE GOLDIES: the event that broke down all stereotypes

It all started in Germany in 2003, when Dimitrios Kampanaros (a Gerontology student at the time) organized along with the Heidelberg Women’s Association a special runway for women over 60 who wore clothes from their personal collections!

The venue which hosted the fashion show was a magnificent palace. The event was truly magical, as was the next one, organized a year later, at the impressive Mannheim open-air stage.

So, Dimitrios’ mind was made up to eventually organize a similar event in Greece!

After 13 years with a successful career in elderly care, both as a field professional and as a scientist, he decided to put his long-lasting dream into action.

February 22, 2019
shone as the golden day of the GOLDIES!

Their creator, Athena Matisse, a trend forecaster and a renowned fashion expert, organized an event that exceeded all expectations, even those of its sponsors, Dr. Dimitrios Kampanaros and his mother Tonia Kampanaros. The fashion show was held at the Hypatia Mansion in downtown Athens and turnout was massive.

It was the first event in the world where 50+ models and even models in their 90s strut on the catwalk wearing “haute couture” designer clothes. Even a model in a wheelchair “walked” on this runway in Haute Couture ...

The concept of the GOLDIES was inspired by the international Advanced Style movement and it supported the worldwide effort to strengthen the role of older adults in society and to give a new hope for a new life through fashion. Actors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, journalists, housewives and mothers, joined under the direction of the talented Athena Matisse who made a beautiful statement: people can have style, they can be creative, be beautiful and active at any age..

The GOLDIES broke down all stereotypes and redefined aesthetics, paving the way for something new, using only a catwalk.

The two GOLDIES MUSES of Dr. Dimitrios Kampanaros


Mrs Traute Odenwälder, a fashion icon and secretary at the Heidelberg Institute of Gerontology, his co-organizer of the initial fashion shows in Germany for the 2003-2004 season. These shows, albeit less fancy, may have been the preamble for the GOLDIES…


Mrs Lisa Zacharakis , the model who “walked” with a wheelchair on the catwalk of the GOLDIES teaches women in the lounge at Nea Thalpi to be stylish and optimistic every day.

Dr. Kampanaros quotes

  • Fine clothes and personal style remain the strongest way for every woman to express her personality, even for women older than 70 or even 90 .  

  • How can we love people around us when we don’t love ourselves? The person we grow into as we get older...

  • A woman’s charm depends not on her age, but on her confidence and optimism.  

A. Matisse quotes

  • This event is important because it enables us to give a voice to those who so far have barely been heard. It helps us bring them to the centre stage. What in Europe and the US is considered to be the norm now also comes to Greece, because Fashion is life!  

  • Get ready for the invasion of the Goldies and enjoy the new trend, not only in advertising but also in the media, showbiz, fashion and life itself. Everything changes!

  • I never wanted to look young, but I always wanted to be unique.

What we saw

  • ATHINA MATISSE  opened the show dressed in  RIANNA+NINA.
  • YVONNE NTOSTA followed wearing a piece from the YVONNI NTOSTA SWIMWEAR. She was presented by the fashion agent MIA EVGENIADIS.
  • EVA KANELAKI (IL PAVONE) was introduced by the blogger MARGARETE CRUZEMARK.
  • The journalistMARIA DEDOUSSI wore a creation by  EPIFANIOS SKIATHITIS ..
  • LOUΚΙΑ created the outfits worn by actress MARIA ALIFERI and business woman EVI PAPADOPOULOU.  LOUKIA was also the one who created the outfit for TONIA KAMPANAROS, one of the event sponsors, who did not appear on the catwalk.
  • Set designer MAGDA KALLORITI, EIRINI KOLOHOURI and actress CHRYSANTHI THEODOSIS introduced KLELIA ANDRALI owner of the fashion house with the same name.
  • KRYSTALIA ASIMAKOPOULOU  walked wearing a creation by VASSILIKI ROUSSOU.
  • The only outfits from a men’s line were created by the SOURGIADAKIS (GIO) Fashion House and were presented by GIORGOS PECHLIVANIS and DIMITRIOS PHILON.
  • The publisher FOTINI ANDROULAKI wore creations by ERIFILI NIKOLAKOPOULOU.
  • 80+ ladies LISA ZACHARAKI and MARIA ROUSSOU were escorted by Nea Thalpi psychologists SMARAGDA STROUMPA and HARA KARAGIANNI, all dressed in LAKIS GAVALAS (LAK.)
  • Two generations of models,  JENNY ECONOMOU RIZOU and her daughter  NATALIA  donned IOAKEIM MITAKOS.
  • FALF Fashion House created the outfits for the actress  VOULA BLANDA  and choreographer NALINI SPATHARAKI.
  • The reporter  GIOTA PAPAwore creations by the designer SAMANΤHA SOTOS.
  • Art expert ALEXANDRA KOLLAROS  donned creations by QUEEN CALLIOPE.
  • The show continued with two queens:  KATERINA YATZOGLOU  and ELENI FILINI, dressed in the creations of PARIS VALTADOROS.
  • Blogger NINA PAPAIOANNOU donned creations by  ELENH MASTRAPA.
  • Shortly before the event came to an and,  BENETTON outfits were presented by   MARGARITA TSOLAKI (yoga instructor), NATALIA VOTTI (model), CHRYSANTHI THEODOSI (actress), ROSA PETROPOULOU (actress) and ANNA LIANOPOULOU (dancer).
  • The evening ended with MIMI MARSELOU who wore an outfit by  NYMPHI.

What we (may) have missed

The MEET the GOLDIES event was organized by Plan B Trends, Magazine Splash Magazine, Athena Matisse + Alexis Adam

Είπαν για εμάς...

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