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Welcome to Nea Thalpi.

At Nea Thalpi we talk openly and clearly about ageing. We promote active ageing!

Based on new scientific theories in the field of gerontology, the notion, that ageing only corresponds to losses, weaknesses and diseases that result from it, is incorrect. In any case, we cannot make such generalizations, since every person ages differently based on his/her physiology and lifestyle.

Reaching old age is a universal challenge, associated with gains and losses. Human development is dynamic and it involves neutral changes and continuities in each phase of the life span.

The benefits of getting old are both mental and psychological. Many surveys have shown that a person who lives in a stimulating motivational environment,  maintains the attitude and curiosity to engage in old or new activities actively, and can preserve and even develop specific cognitive functions, following the theory of synaptic cognitive plasticity. The psychological benefits depend on how we deal with the upcoming changes in our lives. Facts are facts whether we like them or not. Our interpretation and attitude towards them are crucial. Shall we come to terms with our new self-image, with the idea of ​​our dependence on the care of others, either family members or strangers, with the weakening of our physical and cognitive skills, and finally with the fact that we may suffer from possibly painful conditions during our dying time? Are we going to cope successfully and rejoice in what life offers us, or sink back in despair and helplessness?

At New Thalpi, we gain first-hand experience and facilitate the struggle of older adults to maintain their independence, sociability and dignity by overcoming their deficits and adapting to new circumstances. We share their fears and we become their biggest support. Most of the times, we stand in awe of their resilience, ingenuity, and perseverance to carry on. Ars senescendi – the art of ageing creatively and responsibly – that is what we can learn from them?

Your host

Dr. Dimitrios Kampanaros

University of Heidelberg, Germany
EMBA in Health Care Management, University of Sheffield