GEMINI (any year: 21/05 – 20/06)

Do you want to take a closer look at Gemini? (careful - double trouble...)
Do you want to take a closer look at Gemini? (careful - double trouble...)

What does a Gemini do when he gets older?  He makes jokes.  He makes jokes about old age, about life, about other people, and little bit about himself.  That mirror image means something, you know?  One Gemini makes fun of the other and in the end they laugh together and twice as hard. Gemini has been joking around since he was born.  He’s not about to stop now, when all his quirks become even more evident.  He hasn’t stopped his teasing since he rang the bell at the Nursing Home. But he even did that with humour.

He rang once, the door was opened, he didn’t enter.  He rang a second time, the door was opened again, he didn’t enter. He rang a third time, and instead of him entering, the owner and a crew of technicians with a full set of screwdrivers came out to see what was wrong with the door.  The problem with the door was Gemini and his insatiable desire to make jokes.  But not at his own expense, of course.  No one would dare.  The owner just swallowed hard, but it did not seem to affect Gemini’s never-ending appetite for being silly and playing jokes.  Still a child, you see.  Still.  That’s what astrologers say.

So, the other day, the operator tried to connect a call to the accountant who was working on a balance sheet and was horrified to discover that the transfer button wasn’t working.  The call was interrupted.  Apparently, it was the glue that Gemini had poured over everything.  He had stuck the head nurse’s cup to the desk; he had stuck the kettle to its base and the staff in the kitchen had such a time lifting it; and he stuck a bunch of slippers belonging to his room-mate to the floor.  Just one of his room-mates, because he came up with another prank for the other room-mate.  He took his slippers (they were striped) and put them next to the bed of the lady upstairs.  So when she went to put on her slippers, she couldn’t find them, but instead discovered some muddy rubber boots the gardener wears when he’s out pruning plants.  These are the kinds of things going on at the Nursing Home now.

Gemini was admitted with a four-year agreement, and his influence is huge. As is his sociability.  As is his verbosity.  A lot of words.  A lot.  Every day.  Every night.  You see, he believes it's bad luck to go to bed without saying “goodnight”, so he passes by every single room and dispenses wishes.  So, a “sweet dreams” here and a “sleep tight” there and a “have a good night” over there, with 20 minutes at least spent at each door, and then it’s dawn and no one has slept a wink, despite his most sincere well wishes.

Oh, Gemini is a strange creature, an ethereal one.  How can you capture him?  He’s like the wind, which makes his head turn and changes his mood at frequent intervals.  He wakes in a cheerful mood, he eats his bread and jam in a foul one and then ends up laughing in the sitting room.  By the time lunch is served at midday, he has gone from sad, to happy, to tired, to depressed, to unbridled joy, and slightly down in the dumps, at least twice each, to be repeated another four times throughout the day.  Unfortunately, his moods are impossible to predict.  Will he be happy before the soup, or after the jelly dessert?  Somewhere in there for sure.   But these days, the game is being played elsewhere.  In the room of the lady with the red slippers.

He’s been trying to approach her, but not head-on.  That’s his approach.  Very subtle.  He never wanted to appear to be interested in someone. He never directly approached any woman who interested him more than a little.  That’s his plan this time, too.  Secret feelings but glaringly obvious.

When he sees her going towards the sitting room, he sneaks into her room and fills the bathroom waste basket with tulips.  When he sees her coming back, he walks by indifferently and starts up a friendly chat.  About the days growing longer, about the cooler weather, about the book he read.  The woman's head is spinning, especially about the books.  Yesterday, she saw him reading geography, the day before, a crime novel, the other day an article about maths, and today, he was reading the horoscopes in the paper.  Gemini reads anything and everything.  It’s a deep-seated need he has.  How else could he talk about everything if he hadn’t already read up on it?  Last month, he set money aside to go out and buy a tablet.  Since then, his hands have been freed up to gesticulate even more.  Oh, right.  We hadn’t mentioned that yet. Gemini gesticulates.  It’s not only his mouth that never stops moving, it’s also his hands that move along with everything he has to say.   Perpetually.

It was with just such an abrupt movement that he accidentally broke the bathroom mirror the other day, and found himself looking at the inevitable on the floor.  Himself, alone. No double image, no dual existence, no changeable mood, no split personality.  Without twin or ambiguous behaviours.  Himself, alone.  A child who looks at hundreds of pieces of a difficult puzzle, picks each one up and makes a wondrous picture.  Because - and that’s another thing we forgot to say, but it’s important as well.  Even though the years pass and Gemini has gotten old and wrinkled, he remains so very handsome!


By Konstantina Tassopoulou

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