At the "Nea Thalpi" we can dissolve all your hesitations, and provide an answer to all your questions and queries. The first step is always difficult.

When you take your child to the kindergarten, to school or to a camp for the first time, or when he/she goes to a University in another city or abroad you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and questions are raised in your mind although you trust them in the hands of professionals. Usually you eventually overcome your initial misgivings, you let them go, because you hope your child will to enjoy the benefits associated with this evolutionary stage of his/her life.

So at this stage of your life, when you are looking for the best solution for your senior relatives you must trust the experts.

In this module we give answers to some of your common concerns:

There are no golden rules or statistical models. At the "Nea Thalpi" we treat each guest individually. Every person, based on his/her history, his character and his health problems needs a different amount of time.

Some people adapt quickly, others not. Your role is to catalyse adaptation successful. We will work together to be successful.

The extended visiting hours at the "Nea Thalpi", allow you to come anytime from 9am until 9 pm. The frequency depends solely on your availability, time and endurance. Whether you come or not, you must be sure that the care your loved one receives will be the best.

You can organize your life so that you spend quality time together with your loved ones which is invaluable for both of you. You are indispensable to each other.

Create shared memories celebrating together in our facilities his/her birthday, by participating in our events or simply enjoying your coffee together.

"Nea Thalpi" becomes part of your family, but we do not replace them.

Depending on the physical and mental health of your loved one you can come to get him/her for a ride, celebrate Christmas and Easter with him/her at home.

In cooperation with us you can schedule whatever you wish.

At "Nea Thalpi" we are aware of your concerns. Distance always exaggerates problems. From far away you feel powerless, you cannot help or control the situation. In such cases we have a dual responsibility.

Beyond the care and psychosocial activation we can help you in practical issues that may arise, including the insured person's inventory, relationships with pension funds, etc. ..

If he/she needs emergency transfer to a hospital, we will deal with this. Through Skype you can contact your loved one every day.

If she reacts and wants to leave and go home, and I believe that she needs to stay for her own good?

At the "Nea Thalpi" we have the experience to manage such dilemmas depending on the physical and mental health status of your loved one who is under our care. Together we will work to achieve our common goal.

Each new guest has his/her own history. A new chapter begins at the "Nea Thalpi." Together we will write the script and will direct the daily routine.