Creating our special cake

It all started when our physician, Dr. Dimitris Stergiou expressed his concerns about the 15 Days of Pastry event.

15 Days of Pastry? he shouted in shock.  It will raise your sugar levels and then we’ll all be in trouble…

For a short moment we lost our nerve, but soon afterwards we decided to fight back.
We would make a cake with only healthy ingredients.
Vanilla cream Vanilla cream with fresh milk which is allowed, (pineapple) compote  
 which is also part of our normal diet and nuts  (cranberries) which are actually recommended.

We created a three tier cake that we were overjoyed to try it.

We also were afraid that the doctor would found out about the sponge cake that we used, but if he did and disapproved, here is what we would say...

Doctor, we had to have something spongy, to absorb fluids in our stomachs.

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By Konstantina Tassopoulou

15 Days of Pastry at a glance ...

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