In our lives, we are often confronted with difficult changes that are not always welcome! Such seems to be the decision to put a loved one in our Unit. The anxiety, remorse, panic, guilt prevent you to choose what is best for you and your loved one. They obscure your mind, they frustrate you. You are ambivalent about what you must do.... endlessly going back and forth, with emotion almost always prevailing over reason.

Entire generations were inoculated with negative stereotypes against nursing homes, rest homes - euphemistically referred to as Long-Term Care Units. Even now misconceptions, misrepresentations and outdated beliefs verging on social outcry prevail.

These notions belong to the past. Elderly Care is a recognized independent science worldwide and should be exercised by professionals, like those at New Thalpi Long-Term Care & Rehabilitation Unit.

It is time to demolish some myths:

New Thalpi has nothing to do with the institutions of the past, including poorhouses, and old-fashioned nursing homes.

Our Unit provides modern hotel-like amenities that ensure a pleasant and barrier-free living environment, combined with excellent assisted care, skilled nursing and rehabilitative services. Nea Thalpi is a "care hotel"...

Even if you make the right decision to come to Nea Thalpi there will be some relatives, friends and acquaintances that might discourage you.

Even if you make the right decision to come to Nea Thalpi there will be some relatives, friends and acquaintances that might discourage you. Please be aware that in most cases, it is only one person – a daughter, a wife, a son – that must take the difficult decision, one person must contribute financially, mentally and "pull the plow".

Usually, one invests time and "disrupts one’s life", and all the others are on the safe side and just criticize.

Get over it ... focus on your own good and weigh the benefits and risks for you and your loved one.

At Nea Thalpi you will be able to rest while your loved one will live with dignity. Caring for an elderly parent or spouse places a significant burden on informal caregivers who must take time and energy from other responsibilities. That is not always easy. Furthermore, ignorance and amateurism often lead to errors and omissions.

Concessions and "small favours" that may be due to your emotional involvement, inadvertently, may prove to be fatal. It is better to be accused of being "insensitive and cruel", but act in their best interest, rather than to pamper them without thinking of the far-reaching adverse effects that may drive your loved one much faster to the point that "he/she would lose contact with reality." However, at that time, it will be too late.

The notion that a person "is better at home", although most of the times in isolation from any stimuli, in pure solitude and disconnected from any form of socialization, is a myth and can be detrimental. 

In Nea Thalpi we offer much more than just personal care and "a hot meal". We treat individuals as a whole person, regardless of age or sex - aiming to preserve their mental, physical and cognitive health. Do not underestimate the needs of an elderly person.

Think about what you would want for yourself.

How can a domestic care worker, predominantly a woman, who normally works for 144 hours a week with one day off every Sunday, who, most of the time does not speak Greek and, therefore, is unable to communicate adequately and does not have the necessary skills to manage health emergencies, take care of your loved ones? What do you expect from her?

How will she perform on her job? How can you trust her, while she may be inadequate and may abandon you at any moment?  How is it possible to have a complete stranger in your home? And, most importantly, your loved one still lives all alone, at home, with the TV left on all the time, without any possibility of socialization.

What is apparently cheap, may sometimes prove to be more expensive. Lack of social interactions is the worst enemy and has been directly linked with higher rates of morbidity and depression.

At Nea Thalpi we become your trusted partners. We are not your competitors. We are your allies, having any legitimate interest to perform our duty in the most proper and professional way.

Often, love blinds you and keeps you from acknowledging your limits. You must love your family member a lot to trust him/her to us.

By putting our heart and mind into our job, we will work together towards our common goal: to keep your loved one functional, safe and happy as long as it is possible with his/her remaining strengths and skills.

Nea Thalpi can assure you that your relationship with your loved one will regain its balance. The physical fatigue and mental stress of taking care of your loved one at home is burdensome for your health and tests your endurance.

You must protect yourself and your loved one. Daily tension, frustration and despair poison your relationship. The objective stressful conditions that you experience do not let you spend quality time with them.

With us, you will be able to smile again, since we will responsibly take care of all the challenges of his/her daily care.

If these thoughts and feelings sound familiar, you are definitely not alone. Think calmly, reasonably and responsibly about yourself and the rest of your family. When one person suffers, the entire family suffers. In Nea Thalpi you can provide the best care possible, exactly what your loved one deserves.