Elderly Care Station - A La Carte Care


How would you feel if you could trust your loved one at the "Nea Thalpi Care & Recovery Centre" for as many hours as you wish during the day, from morning till night?

How confident would you feel knowing that you can safely leave your loved one with us two or three times a week or even two or three times a month for a few hours of your choice?
The "Nea Thalpi Care & Recovery Centre" offers a new and flexible care service the Elderly Care Centre - A la carte care!

Now for the first time in Greece, you can determine yourself when, how often and for how long you want your loved ones to enjoy our professional care.

The à la carte care is much more than just tending.

Depending on the time of the day you choose to bring your loved one to us, he/she may benefit from the corresponding primary health care services that we offer to our guests.

So, if you trust your loved one with us in the morning before you go to work and come get him/her back early in the afternoon, he/she may benefit from the following services, including:

  • Physical care and hygiene e.g. full body bath
  • Sample taking for microbiological examination
  • Breakfast
  • Medical monitoring by a cardiologist-GP
  • Participation in the Expanded Mental Empowerment and Creative Occupation Program
  • Lunch
  • Body Care and Hygiene
  • Afternoon rest in a double bedroom.

In this way your loved one can enjoy our professional services, socialize, rest and return home without the obligation for overnight stay.

We can create customized programs based on your needs and the needs of your loved one.

Who is the Service intended for:

  • PEOPLE suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders and people who can be moved and come to our place
  • Independent elderly people who need care and also need to socialize
  • Seniors who want to make use of the wealth of our services WITH NO obligation of overnight stay

You just have to visit us to inquire extensively on the Elderly Care Station - a la Carte Care, for this revolution in the field of the Care of the Elderly.