15 Days of Pastry come to an end with sweet tarts!

The curtain on our 15 Days of Pastry event (which turned into 15+10 Days…) fell leaving us with the sweetest aftertaste with a pastry chef who helped us prepare delicious tarts.  A real pastry chef, unlike us...

The sweet  -and not only because of his profession – pastry chef Demosthenis Asimakos along with three of his best students visited  our busy lounge to give us a pastry lesson.  Hooray!  The family  of Nea Thalpi really appreciates this gourmet art...

The talented team from the IEK ALPHA school of pastry  revealed more secrets than we expected. Something about the strawberries that adorn the tarts, something about the holes in the bottom of the tart, something about the whipped cream, its air and the way it should be stirred ... We  wouldn’t want to put them out of business, so we can’t disclose all that to you, but here is something we can share:   the one hour it took for the tarts to cool down and stand properly in the refrigerator felt like an entire eternity We couldn’t resist but devour them immediately:

*Pastry Chef Demosthenis Asimakos is the owner of Crumble. A very sweet shop.


By Konstantina Tassopoulou

15 Days of Pastry at a glance ...

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